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Cat Grooming Services

Having Your Cat Groomed by Us:

Compassionate Cat Pros who know how to calm even the toughest kitty. We practice humane handling in all grooming situations. We work with each cat on an individual basis to eliminate stress.

Cat Grooming Services in Dallas TX
Cat Grooming Services in Dallas TX


Grooming Schedule:

We are available for grooming Tuesday through Saturday to pamper and care for your cats. Reservations are required. Our grooming schedule books up quickly, so be sure to make your reservations early.

Please call our store at (972) 386-6369 for more information on holiday hours or walk-in service availability.

Overnight Stay:

We can accommodate your kitty to stay overnight with us for $35.00 in case you need to drop your cat off the night before their grooming appointment or to stay overnight after their grooming.


Book your appointment early! We are very busy and do appreciate our customers but please keep in mind that we can only groom a certain amount of cats each day. If you know your kitty will need to be groomed in a month or two, make your appointment now. We also suggest that you reserve your next appointment when you pick your cat up from grooming. Cat Connection is growing very fast so please plan ahead and make your reservation.

When making your reservation, please be honest on the condition of your cats coat, we are here to help. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to maintain your cats coat, therefore do not neglect proper brushing and combing for a month just because you have a grooming appointment with us. A cat's coat will not get in a complete matted stage in a month unless the cat has been neglected.

Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you get your kitty here on time for their grooming appointment. If you are late we may not be able to groom your cat.

Monday - Saturday
Please arrive at your scheduled drop off time, and allow 5-10 minutes for updating and signing paperwork. If you are having someone drop off your cat, please send them with detailed written instructions of what you would like done, and provide us with a contact number in case we have any questions or concerns.

We reserve the right to refuse service if your cat is a danger to themselves or our staff. The health and well-being of the cats we care for is our top priority. A severely matted cat or cats who become extremely aggressive outside of the home will not benefit from our services, and should be taken to their Veterinarian for treatment in a hospital setting.

Basic Grooming Service Includes

Slow, gentle comb-out
Skin and coat analysis
Two shampoo minimum
Cream rinse designed for your cat's coat, as needed
Nail Trim
Ears and eyes cleaned
Face gently cleaned with washcloth
Relaxing fluff dry in a gentle Snyder dryer
Soothing manual fluff dry

Optional Services

Rear Trim/Sanitary Cut
Tummy shave
Full body Lion Cut
Combout only
Nail trim only (appointment not required)
Feather Shave (long hair between toes)
Soft Paw Application (appointment not required)

Grooming Rates

Short Hair - Basic Groom and Massage - $63.00*

Medium/Long Hair - Basic Groom and Massage - $73.00*

Maine Coon, Persian, Himalayan, Ragdoll, Siberian, Exotic Short Hair - Basic Groom and Massage - $85.00*

Groom, Tummy Shave & Rear Trim - $95.00* starting
(basic groom included; does not include any dematting)

Lion Cut - $104.00* starting
(basic groom included; does not include any dematting)

Combout, Ear Cleaning and Nail Trim - $50.00* starting
(Only available as a maintenance service between grooms)

Additional Service Rates

Nail Trim (walk-in) - $20.00*

Soft Paw Application (walk-in) - $20.00 - $30.00*

Rear Trim and Wash - $20.00* additional

Feather Trim - $15.00* additional

Tummy Shave - $25.00* additional

Demat - $25.00* starting; up to $100.00*
(your kitty may require an unscheduled Tummy Shave or
Lion Cut due to matting, if the mats are not able to be humanely removed during the combing process)

Deflea - $10.00 additional
(if cat arrives with fleas or evidence of fleas (flea dirt),
a deflea is required to continue with grooming)

*A handling fee may be charged if your cat is extremely difficult or requires attention beyond our normal grooming process. We strive to make grooming a pleasant experience, however there are situations where more than one groomer may be required to complete a service.